Tank Venting Equipment

For more than 8 years Ateco has supplied industry with the products, services and solutions that meet the challenges of environmental and safety standars. As a pioneer in the  conservation equipment industry, we have evolved to become one of the largest manufacturers of pressure vacuum relief valves, gauge hatches, emergency pressure relief vents, flame arrestors and detonation flame arrestors. Our equipment is critical to the safe operation of industries around the world, including loading terminals and storage tanks, and in the chemical / petrochemical, pharmaceutial, landfill, wastewater, refining, automotive, industrial production, pulp and paper processing, and oil production markets.

Ateco is also a recognized leader in the custom-design and testing of engineered products to meet specific applications. Our engineering design team offers a wide range of experience, expertise and engineering disciplines to provide our clients with innovative yet cost- effective solutions. Ateco equiptments are designed and manufactured to the highest safety standards. We are committed to the continuous improvement of your processes, craftsmanship and quality control methods to help the industries we serve operate more safely and efficiently.

Tank Venting Equipment Products

Ateco’s flame and detonation arrestors, pressure vacuum relief valves, emergency relief vents and hatches are proven safety and environmental control solutions used by the world’s leading names in oil and gas production and process industries.

Flame and Detonation – Deflagration Arrestors

Ateco offers a wide variety of arrestor products with maximum flow to pressure drop characteristics. Our portfolio includes in-line, free vent, high-pressure deflagration and detonation flame arrestors. Ateco’s flame arrestors use spiral wound, crimped-metal ribbon flame cell elements to inhibit flame propagation by absorbing and dissipating heat, anda re designed to provide maximum flow with a mininum amount of pressure drop across the element. Connection sizes range

Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves

Ateco offers a comprehensive range of pressure vacuum relief valves that are recognized as the industry standard in safety and protection. Ateco’s pipe-away, vent-to-atmosphere,in-line and end-of-line relief valves are installed on storage tanks to control evaporation and fugitive emission losses that result from flammable and hazardous petroleum vapor-producing products.

Ateco designs pressure vacuum relief valves that address a variety of applications-from routine service to the most severe service. Our Series 1100/1200 pressure vacuum relief valves are considered the industry’s top performers in the most severe applications. Our new 1100N/1200N Series value line pressure vacuum relief valves offer great economic value for less severe applications. Ateco series 1100/1200 in-line and stack vent valves have been the oilfield industry standard for more than 8 years.

Emergency Pressure Relief Vents

Ateco supplies the world’s process industries with safety and environmental control products. Our emergency pressure relief  vents and other atmospheric venting products set the highest standards in quality and dependability. When properly sized, Ateco venting systems provide the capacity to meet API Standart 2000, NFPA 30 and OSHA ( 29 CFR 1910.106 ) for emergency venting due to fire exposure.

Gauge Hatches

Ateco Gauge Hatches are used the world over to control evaporation losses and protect tanks against excessive pressure or vacuum. Our line of gauge hatches includes:

  • Dead Weight Models, which are generally used in very low pressure applications with 28, 56, 85 or 113 mbar pressure settings and a 12 mbar vacuum relief;
  • Spring-Loaded Models, which are utilized in low pressure applications with 56, 113, 170, 226, 340, 453, 680 and 907 mbar pressure settings and 12 mbar, 28 mbar and 99 mbar vacuum settings;
  • Lock-Down Hatches, which provide secure Access but do not provide pressure or vacuum relieving capability.

Free Vents

Ateco Free Vents are designed for use on bulk liquid storage tanks that contain non-volatile liquids. These vents offer efficient flow capacity to protect the tank from positive or negative overpressure, and allow vapors to flow freely in and out of the storage tank.
The model 4100 and 4200 offer protection against rain, dirt, insects and other foreign matter entering vent.

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