Roof Drain Sumps

ROOF DRAINS that are not draining your flat roof because they sit too high create huge pools of standing water, placing a heavy load on the flat roof.  In many cases, heavier loads than the flat roof can handle which could lead to a roof collapse.

FLAT ROOF PROBLEMS caused by too few flat roof drains is one of the most common problems with flat roofs and often result in the same situation.

THE RESULT is often flat roof structural damage, mold, interior water damage and possible personal injury. Repairing flat roof problems can be expensive and a complete re-roof is VERY  expensive.

“Sumping” your roof drains with a high quality roof drain pan is key to achieving excellent flat roof drainage.

Ateco has designed, manufactures and patented a series of four roof drain sump pans that are specifically designed to lower a standard cast iron roof drain or double roof drain and overflow two inches below the surrounding flat roof surface.

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