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Installation Services for Storage Tanks

Our dedicated site installation teams can make it easy for you to have your floating roofs, seals, drain systems, geodesic domes, and earthing systems on above ground storage tanks installed.

For any projects or just to support the contractors, ATECO offers supervision to ensure safe, efficient, and proper installation of your products.

Our installation service includes but is not limited to following;
  • Aluminum Internal Floating Roofs (Non-Contact and Full-Contact)
  •  Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roofs with all appurtenances
  • Floating Roof Drain Systems
  • External Floating Roof Seal Systems (primary and secondary)
  • Internal Flotation Roof Seal Systems
  • Tank Emission Control Systems
  • Floating Roof Drain Systems
  • Storage Tank Earthing Systems
  • Others (Please contact)