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ATECO is committed to solve all the challenges making problems for the aboveground storage tank market.

ATECO offers you; innovative, brand-new designs, specific designs and designs fully meeting the related codes.

ATECO Engineering Team has highly qualified engineers, design and drafting services for tank products, tank repair, and new tanks. ATECO is using all licensed latest versions of leading commercial engineering software, such as AutoDesk Inventor, Dlubal, AutoCAD, Solid Works  as well as various proprietary software packages, to provide accurate design for your needs.

  • Tank design as per API.
  • Drain & floating suction design.
  • EFR design & calculations.
  • IFR design & calculations.
  • Floating roof seal design.
  • Diffuser design.
  • Lifting calculation.
  • Fabrication & general arrangement drawings.
  • Venting circulation & design.
  • Vapor control systems design.
  • Shell bucking analysis.
  • Dome Structural design & calculation.
  • Earthquake analysis.
  • Installation drawings.
  • As-built drawings.
  • Tank stiffening solutions.
  • Tank Farm Layout.
  • Earthquake Analysis.
  • Inventory Reduction Programs.
  • IFR design & calculations.
  • IFR design & calculations.
  • Tank Management Database.
  • Tank Design.
  • Tank Evaluations.
  • Vapor Loss Calculations.
  • Fire Fighting Foam Protection Systems.
  • A.P.I. 650, A.P.I. 653, A.P.I. 620, U.L. 142.
  • Welded Steel Tanks for Water Storage.
  • Repairs, Retro-Fits and Relocations.
  • Secondary Containment.
  • Cathodic Protection.
  • Shell Modifications/Replacements.
  • Roof Drain Systems.
  • Floating Roof (Internal and External) Design, Repair and Installation.
  • AWWA D100-96.
  • New Construction Design and Erection.
  • Bottom Design Repair and Installation.
  • Leak Detection.
  • Floating Roof Seal Systems.
  • Cone Roof Design, Repair and Installation.
  • Jacking and Leveling.

ATECO is committed to resolving the challenges confronting the aboveground storage tank industry. Our success is attributed to our exceptionally service-oriented staff who is dedicated to providing quality products and efficient service with a second to none safety program.

  • Design and Analysis of Storage Tanks per API-650 and API-620.
  • Design of storage tanks as per EN 14025.
  • Calculations and recommendations for repairs, alterations or replacement of existing storage tanks and storage tank components per API-653.
  • Re-rating of existing storage tanks for a new set of design parameters.
  • Maximum fill height calculation for tanks where tank walls have corrosion or where higher than design density fluids are to be stored.
  • Fitness-for-service evaluations for storage tanks to assure the structural integrity of equipment for the intended design parameters and to offer life extension considerations.
  • Finite Element Analysis for Storage Tanks and Storage Tank components.
  • Nozzle load calculations.