Roof Drain Float Check Valve

The unique ATECO ‘s Float Check Valve is operated in line with roof drain systems to prevent a possible overflow product from floating roof tank at the time of drain leakage situation. Whether drain line cause leakage, the valve closes automatically inside of drain sump and prevent oil flow from the tank.

Detail Description
1. ATECO Float Check Valve is designed to operate inside of the drain sump in connection with complete drainage systems on the tank.
2. When the stainless ball floats inside of the valve, the drain systems will be closed. So, it prevents overflow product of the drain system to keep oil spillage on the floating tank.

Roof Drain Float Check Value
Roof Drain Float Check Value

Key Benefits

  • Seals at Low Differential Pressures.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • No Mechanical Moving Parts to Corrode or Get Stuck.
  • No Drop in Flow Rates.

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