Roof Drain Dual Flap Wafer Check Valve

Main Features

Dual Flap Wafer Check Valve is designed to operate with the minimum of flow restriction. The twin spring loaded half disc operate with the pipeline flow and reseal back against the rubber disc seating providing a positive shut off against any back flow. The resillent seating prevent a slamming action.

Check Valves offer greater flexibility and low cost in most piping systems and moreover, of its light weight, it is so convenient to install and has smaller face to face dimension than conventional swing check valve.

These valves can be supplied to match the international standards of flange (DIN, ANSI, JIS & BS).

Check Valves when compared with other traditional isolating valve such as swing check valve

Applicable fluids

Water, warm water, sea water, air and weak acid.

Flanges standard

DIN PN 10/16


Dual Flap Wafer Check Valves need one sets of bolts (studs & nuts) to install it. These check valves installed in horizontal position must be installed with hinge pin in the vertical position to ensure proper operation. The valves larger than 6 (DN 150) are fitted with lifting eye bolts to provide easier handling and site safety.


Use the correct dimension of gasket especially I.D. is important. The correct dimension of gasket O.D.= valve external diameter ØA and I.D.= valve internal diameter ØB) provide a perfect opening of disc and prevents leakage as well.

* Valve working under higher temperature, the pressure rating is reduced accordingly.
* Lifting eye bolt is fitted for size DN 200 & above.
* For other kinds of applicable fluids except the above, to which the check valve becomes applicable, please kindly consult to our

Roof Drain Dual Flap Wafer Check Valve-1

Roof Drain Dual Flap Wafer Check Valve-1

Roof Drain Dual Flap Wafer Check Valve-1

Roof Drain Dual Flap Wafer Check Valve-1

Key Benefits

  •  Low purchase cost.
  • Compact design
  • Non-slam principle of operation
  • Light weight
  • Easy installation
  • Good flow characteristic and less pressure drop
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical up flow

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