Ateco Tank Technologies Engineering Service Co. Ltd. has built its quality, environment and OHS policies on product and services that meets all the customers’ requirements. Our executives intend on, fully performing environmental and OHS policies. And they will provide,  required information, finance, technology, engineering, quality, man power and method to reach this purpose.

Our continuous improvement areas:
  • Product and process quality
  • On time delivery
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product cost
  • Achievement levels of our employee
  • Performance of OHS
  • Our effect on environment


+ Within this scope we specified our commitments as follows :
To reduce the effects on the environment

+ Reduce and parse solid and hazardous wastes, reduce the wastes that mix with soil and water, make contingency plans. 
To improve working and OHS conditions:

+ Health coverage for our all employees in the company :
Informing, educating and communicating to ensure behave in safety of all our employees and visitors.
Create risk awareness to reduce occupational accidents.