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New Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

HDF SERIES Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Machine with fiber laser source which offer very high quality cutting and performance on a wide variety of material types with low energy consumption.​

​The laser power source of the HDF series is an all-solid-state fiber laser. This technology reduces further the maintenance requirements, and offers the lowest possible running cost with a wall-plug efficiency of 30% and without the need of any laser gas. When the application requires a broader spectrum of material types to be cut and the maximum thickness range is limited, the HDL is the ideal solution: it will cut faster at lower cost than any CO2 laser at the same laser power.

  • No need of gas to create laser beam​
  • Reflection of the laser beam is nearly zero brings along to cut nonferrous metals such as copper and brass by low power with high efficiency
  • Very low electrical consumption by %30 wall plug efficiency
  • No need of mirror adjustment and nearly zero maintenance requirement
  • Consistant Beam divergence

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