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New Facility For Dome-Floating Roof-Seal Production

The largest Dome-Roof-Seal Manufacturıng Facility in the World.

Ateco, now internationally recognised as the leading manufacturer of storage tank equipment, has recently opened a new manufacturing facility at Kutahya in Turkey.

The new 45.000 ( 485000 sq.ft ) facility has a manufacturing area of 25,000 ( 270.000 sq.ft.) and will be fitted out with the latest numerically controlled bending, laser cutting and welding machines to enable Ateco to manufacture their Ateco Aluminum Dome Roof and Ateco Honeycomb Full Contact Internal Floating Roof to the highest standard of accuracy and quality.

The new Ateco facility will be a centre of manufacturing excellence in Turkey.

Mr Ihsan Akgun the CEO of Ateco said; “this new facility is just fantastic for us and a major investment in the future of the business enabling us to continue to grow, develop new technologies and expand further into new markets”

The new manufacturing facility is necessary to meet the rise in demand for Ateco Storage Tankage Products in particular the Ateco Aluminum Dome Roof and Ateco Honeycomb Full Contact Internal Floating Roof, Ihsan said that “the new facility shall enabled Ateco to improve the efficiency and overall quality of our manufacturing operations and by investing in this new facility, we aim to maintain our record for constantly delivering to our customer quality products at competitive prices”.

In the last 12 months, Ateco has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certification and this globally recognised accreditation is achieved only by businesses that meet the highest management standards and is a stamp of exemplary products and service quality within the industry.

As well as the Aluminum Dome Roof, Ateco also design and manufacture a range of storage tankage equipment, including: Internal Floating Roofs both Pontoon and Full Contact types, Primary and Secondary Seals for External Floating Roof Tanks, Roof Drain System and Floating Suction Units

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