Alumax-Ultradeck family of internal floating roofs were developed in response to the market demand for a high quality, high strength aluminum pontoon roof that can readily accommodate a mechanical shoe seal and not be subject to the failure modes that plague conventional lightweight designs. All Alumax-Ultra2000 roofs meet or exceed the requirements of API 650 Appendix H.

Alumax-Ultradeck eliminates the typically weak and failure prone problems found in standard aluminum roofs. Broken leg gussets, legs ripped through deck sheeting, cracks in the welds of pontoon end caps, hydrocarbon vapor leakage through deck bolting along with many other common AIFR problems are a thing of the past.

The Alumax-Ultradeck unique structural arrangement is based on an extremely efficient strength to weight ratio deck support system. This high strength deck system allows for complete support of the roof independent of the pontoons.

The unique rim channel design incorporating the same superior strength given to the deck structure allows for the mounting of primary shoe seals and secondary seals without any modifications to the standard roof.

Key Benefits

Design Features

  • The Alumax-Ultradeck utilizes a high strength deck system that allows for complete support of the roof independent of the pontoons.
  • Girders are designed with an extruded continuous threaded bolting slot. This bolting slot prevents vapors escaping through the deck seams and bolt holes. They also provide more thread engagement area than in conventional designs.
  • The Alumax-Ultradeck rim channel is specially designed with the strength to support both a primary mechanical shoe seal and a secondary seal without additional modifications. This design also allows the ability to put pontoons directly under the rim channel.
  • The support legs connect to the girder structure instead of between the pontoons allowing for repeated flexibility without pontoon end cap failure.
  • Standard 10 inch pontoon are attached to the roof using extruded pontoon saddles and straps. Pontoons are not structural components, they do not contain gussets and are not interconnected. The maximum spacing between pontoon rows is 10 feet.
  • The Alumax-Ultradeck Internal Floating Roof can be cable suspended from either cone roof tanks or geodesic dome roofs. This option allows roof height adjustments to be completed form the outside of the tank. With no leg structure under the roof, cleaning inspection and repairs to the tank bottom are simplified.
  • The Alumax-Ultradeck can be altered to a hybrid stainless steel/aluminum design when the stored product is not completely compatible to the aluminum alloy.
  • The Alumax-Ultradeck is easily fitted with a mechanical shoe seal utilizing a laminated Teflon vapor barrier fabric. This provides a compatible seal system to the many products and additives stored in the floating roof tanks.
  • The Alumax-Ultradeck  Internal Floating Roof is completely constructed without welding allowing for much faster installation and quicker tank turnaround.


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