Alumax – Hexcore

ATECO’s Alumax-Hexcore™ Full Contact Floating Roof™ is the most efficient aluminum floating roof available.

  • Eliminate vapor space below floating roof.
  • Fully welded, pressure tested panels ensure extended maintenance free life and maximize structural strength.
  • Average diameter Alumaz-Hexcore™ IFR provides 350% excess buoyancy.
  • Metallic skins are 2.5 times the API minimum thickness.
  • Eliminate product compatibility issues with the installation of an ATECO shoe seal (standard equipment) on the Alumax-Hexcore™ internal floating roof.
  • Decrease vapor loss even further by using our cable suspension system.
  • Patented Double Clamped joint provides maximum strength and vapor retention. Independent laboratory testing has proven it to be 16 times more efficient than the U.S. EPA default factor.

Our patented, welded module Aluminum Alumax-Hexcore Full Contact IFR is designed for owners who prefer the benefits of the full contact aluminum floating roof concept.

ATECO’s welded module design eliminates costly failures and product compatibility concerns associated with an exposed adhesive design. Factory-installed test ports allow future field-testing of each module so that the tank can be certified gas free without concern that dangerous vapors or product may be trapped inside the module.

ATECO Aluminum Alumax-Hexcore Full Contact IFRs have been designed around strength and safety, Eliminating concerns of leaking modules and product entrapment associated with other designs.

  • No exposed failure prone adhesives
  • Module skins are more than 2-1/2 times the API required minimum thickness to reduce corrosion effects and increase strength
  • Each module is tested and certified leak free prior to shipment
  • ATECO’s standard Aluminum Alumax-Hexcore Full Contact IFRs have enough strength and buoyancy to be fitted with single or double shoe seals
  • Our standard Alumax-Hexcore IFR can support 750 pounds on the outer edge while floating with buoyancy to spare

ATECO Alumax-Hexcore Aluminium Full Contact Internal Floating Roofs Designed for Strength, Safety and Long Term Value

Key Benefits

  • All edge closures and penetrations are seal welded to all panels.
  • Shop pressure test of all modules.
  • I" Hexagonal cell perforated core.
  • All modules have test plugs.
  • No field fabrication.
  • Top and bottom skins are 1 mm thickness.
  • 1500 x 3000 module size, maximum.
  • Bolts are all stainless steel with stainless steel or aluminium nuts.
  • Module-to-module joints are Double Side Clamped design.

Design Features

  • Eliminates adhesive bonded joints and potential leaks. Maximisizes strength with minumum deflection. Positive electrical bonding.
  • Proof of sealed modules to your jobsite. Maximum quality control.
  • Enables field testing of all modules before maintenance and hot work. Enables seal welding and pressure testing of all modules.
  • Field test eliminates guesswork. Hot work permits can be written with confidence, knowing that each tested module is vapour free.
  • Maintains the highest level of quality. No field cutting or gluing is required.
  • Selected for puncture and corrosion resiatance , corrosion allowance, durability, strength, increased factors of safety and weldability.
  • Faster field installation. Minimizes emissions.
  • Selected for strength, reliability and corrosion resistance. Joint fasteners are out of the liquid.
  • Designed with small gaps between modules. Maximizes strength , stiffness and durability. Minimizes evaporation losses through joints.


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