Tube Seal

The P-TB-01 is a liquid filled seal from ATECO and should be compared with the P-TB-00. The full range of floating roof tank sizes can be serviced and service in crude oil and diverse refined products is commonplace. Aromatics contents of up to 75% or 100% can be handled. The tube diameter can also be varied to meet a range of rim gap dimensions.

Safety Note

The P-TB-01 seal is similar to the P-TB-00 seal but has an additional component, an inner tube, and also differences in the metal support arrangements.
Against the tank shell there is a scuffband of nylon fabric coated with an abrasion resistant polymer coating which presents a ribbed surface to the shell. The scuffband is attached top and bottom by bolting in such a fashion that the lower portion of the scuffband is in contact with the stored liquid, ie. product mounted.
Between the scuffband and the roof rim a tube of flexible polymer is inserted and filled with either kerosene or, if the local climate is clement, a water/glycol mixture.
The filled tube exerts a hydraulic pressure outwards, holding the scuffband against the tank shell and so effecting a seal.
The scuffband and tube for this seal are supplied open ended which simplifies construction (no guidepoles or rolling ladders etc. to negotiate).

Regulatory Compliance

ATECO Tank Engineering seals meet or exceed the allowable gap requirements set forth by the governmental and regulatory agencies throughout the universe. This design will show superior sealing ability throughout the roof travel; accounting for roof shifting, out of roundness, buckling, and the expansion and contraction requirement of each tank.


ATECO TANK warrants its seals to be free from defects in the material and workmanship for a period of two year. Our liability under any express or implied warranty is limited to the purchaser price of any part found defective. Any seal systems installed by ATECO TANK TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING SERVICE will have an additional two-year warranty.

Tube Seal Floating Seal

Key Benefits


1. Capable of compensating for tank shell distortion.
2. Product mounted and therefore in the highest efficiency category as defined in API Publication Chapter 19.
3. Soft sealing pressure against the tank shell.
4. May be attached to either a vertical or horizonta fixing point.
5. The tube may be filled with either kerosene, diesel fuel or water (this eliminates ever having to dispose of petroleum soaked foam).
6. The liquid seal literally circles the floating roof, finds and fills all the irregularities in the tank shell that metallic shoes or even soft foam cannot seal due to "bridging" when compressed.
7. The materials used in the contruction are completely compatible with leaded and unleaded gasoline, benzene, crude oil (sour and sweet), 100% aromatic hydrocarbons, MTBE, etc. 
8. More effective on riveted tanks than either metallic shoe seala or resillient foam seals.
9. Is not affected by temperature extremes.
10. "Zero-Gap" means no vapor pocket between product and seal, as with metallic shoe seals, because Liquid Seal Scuff-Band is submerged in the product.
11. No mechanical devices are needed to hold seal down when roof is in the descending cycle.


ATECO Tank Engineering tube liquid filled seal has been designed with a long lasting scuff-band seal and liquid holding system to maintain seal compliance throughout the seal life.
Design criteria:
1. The P-TB-01 forms a tight fitting seal between the floating roof and tank shell wall The seal meets the radial variations of ± 4 inches.
2. The design eliminates liquid tube top roll back and gaping.
3. The primary seal operates independently and without interfering with the second ary seal.
4. The seal has been designed to accommodate roof movement, shell defects, contraction, and expansion.

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