Leg Bag and Socks

ATECO Leg Socks (floating roof leg socks) are designed to prevent product loss caused by vapors escaping from Floating Roof support legs. Leg Socks / Leg Socks also serve the important function of allowing tanks to meet environmental regulations. The interior and exterior of the Leg Sock work together to provide resistance against product loss as well as environmental effects from outside the tank. ATECO’s Leg Socks provide the following features.

Key Benefits

  • Meet or exceeds environmental regulations.
  • Compatible for 100% aromatics, neat M.T.B.E. and gasohol.
  • Resist U/V, water and ozone effects from outside tank.
  • Can be installed while tank is in-service.
  • Very easy to install and remove.
  • May be used with either “U-type” or “T-bar” leg handles.
  • Standard sizes, configurations and custom designs are available.
  • Seams are R/F factory welded.

Design Features

Product Description:

ATECO Leg Socks are made using ATECOPVC or Atecon. Material specifications are available to eliminate virtually emissions from floating roo leg supports. ATECO’s design far exceeds emission reduction estimates, such as estimates for “deck legs with sock” contained in API.

ATECO Leg Socks reduce vapors from escaping through floating roof legs while reducing hydrocarbon emissions as required by regulatory agencies. Leg Socks are efficacious in preventing product loss when used on non-gasketed, adjustable roof.


The leg seal is made of PVC-PU-PTFE fabric. This material is resistant to hydrocarbons, chemicals, ozone and is weather-proof.


The leg sock is easy to install and easily removed in order to either pull or push the legs to another position, subject to operational requirements for the tank involved.

Leg Sizes Covered

Leg socks are available for 3” and 4” floating roof legs. It is required to verify exact leg details prior to fitting the leg socks however, this to identify suitability as leg penetrations typically are individually designed for each new tank, so sizing might be different fort he same leg diameter.

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