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ATECO Tank Technologies Engineering Co. Ltd.

As ATECO Tank, we are the leader ENGINEER & MANUFACTURER of

  • Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roofs.
  • Internal Floating Roofs. ( Pontoon Type – Full Contact – Composites).
  • Floating Roof Seal Systems.
  • Floating Roof Drain Systems.
  • Floating Suction Units. / Skimmers.
  • Floating Roof Emission Control Devices.
  • Floating Roof Lightning Protection Devices.

We have a wide range of products & equipment’s and Ateco is the only company in our scope of business, who can serve its customers with full range of storage terminal solutions. On the other hand please be informed that we area company with an ability of doing engineering, design, manufacturing process in-house at the least time and the best quality, also we improve our ability in design and calculation in the field of infrastructure with new programs, and we are one of the best in installing the products and systems used in the safe and effective for storage of chemicals and hydrocarbons. We do not outsourcing any of them and we are procuring all of our materials from domestic and European market.

ATECO was founded in 2004 and it is a quality oriented company and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

One of our facility is located in Kocaeli which is also holds our head quarter and the other new one is in Tavsanli/Kutahya covering 50.000m² (538.000ft²) land with 26.000m² (280000ft²) closed area. We have branches in South America. Latin America, Middle East (Dubai), Russia, Iran and United Kingdom.

The owners of ATECO have an extensive track record in this industry, therefore excellently positioned in servicing your requirements in this area with over than 20 years’ experience in the oil tank (AST) industry worldwide.

As ATECO TANK our company policy is, always serve market with competitive bottom bundle prices, including engineering calculations, high quality products with broad range. And with this policy we had a chance directly or indirectly to serve market leader companies and accomplished projects of the all over the world.

Through its network of associates a sister company AKTEK can provide additional products and services, some of which are listed below and please visit our websites for your further inquiries.

AKTEK Products

  • Tank Protection and Safety Equipment’s.
  • Tank Equipment’s and Services Project engineering.
  • Liquid Loading Solutions.
  • Biogas Technologies.
  • Offshore Industries.
  • Pipeline Equipment’s.
  • Fire Fighting Equipment’s.

Finally, we are ready to serve your company with our products and for that matter our doors are open to yours. We are very pleased to see you in our facilities to introduce our company closely and deeply. We assure that you will satisfied once you see our shops, products, our quality and abilities.