Asset Longevity / Optimization

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One of the most expensive aspects of tank ownership is the cost of taking tanks out of service…cleaning, degassing, inspection, maintenance, and lost revenue potential. More and more owners are choosing to equip their tanks with more robust, durable, and chemically compatible floating roofs and seals with the goal of getting more than 20 years’ operation out of the tank. Ateco products have long been known as the highest quality in the industry, and we have multiple solutions in each of our tank-product portfolio that can help you achieve longer service intervals.

Ateco asset longevity optimization solutions include:
Best available technologies for seals, IFRs, drains, domes
IFRs with load testing of over 1,500 lbs for durability
IFR rim and connection designs to handle repetitive stresses of operation and landing for years
Design for durability and structural integrity
Design for chemical compatibility and material longevity
Range of options for every application and desired useful life targets
Customized design for every application (good fit equals safe, smooth, long-lasting operation)