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ateco roof drain float check valve
Hydrocarbon Spills! These hydrocarbon spills have cost money and embarrassment to your company – until now! SPILL STOPER is now available to detect the presence of hydrocarbons in the liquid flow and to automatically close, thus protecting the surrounding soil or the ground water from hydrocarbon contamination.

Primarily designed for floating roof storage tank drain systems, tank farm dike drain systems and wastewater treatment facilities, SPILL STOPER remains open during normal operation, allowing rainwater and non-hydrocarbon liquids to flow and drain from the tank or dike area. However, should hydrocarbons enter the liquid flow, the internal sensing characteristics of the SPILL STOPER cause it to close, containing the problem and protecting the environment.

SPILL STOPER has been designed for trouble-free performance. Since this valve is mechanically actuated, replacement of the Hydrocarbon Sensing Element upon repair of the source of the hydrocarbon leak source will reset the actuator. Winter freeze-ups are reduced because the drainage system can remain open due to SPILL STOPER monitoring the liquid flow.

SPILL STOPER Hydrocarbon Sensing Valves are available in 4″ Diameter size, with 150# flanges. The rugged aluminum and stainless steel
construction of this full flow valve offers lightweight plus long service life durability and strength. SPILL STOPER makes good economic and environmental sense.

SPILL STOPER has been designed and manufactured through the collaborative efforts of AKTEK Inc.

roof drain spill stoper

Spill Stoper Offers Many Advantages

* Can be used in many drainage system applications
* Protection of surrounding soil and ground water from contamination
* No external power required for operation
* Visual and remote indicators signal valve closure
* Reduced maintenance costs
* Floating roof drain system valves can remain open
* Reduces possibility of floating roof sinking
* Easy to install
* Immediate delivery

 roof drain spill stoper