Aluminum Geodesic Doom Roofs

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ATECO  specializes in the design, manufacturing, supply and installing of above ground storage tank equıpment. The management of ATECO has an extensive track record in this industry, therefore we are the experts in servicing your requirements in this area.

Aluminum Geodesic Domes

Geodesic aluminum domes are the preferred cover solution for any storage application. Aluminum dome structures are superior to other cover designs due to alternate materials due to:

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum is inherently more corrosion resistant than other alloys. It will last the lifetime of the structure and will not be painted or repainted for protection from the atmosphere

Low Lifetime Maintenance Cost

With no corrosion or the need to repaint the structure over time, there is little-to-no maintenance costs associated with an aluminum dome

Clear-Span Capability

Aluminum’s lightweight characteristics allow for larger clear-span cover capability than structures for steel, concrete and other materials

Fast and Low Cost Construction

Creative design and lightweight components provide for installation in a third of the time it takes to install other cover systems. Less time, labor and equipment needs combine for a low total cost of installation

Design Flexibility

Aluminum’s excellent strength-to-weight ratio and creative component designs yield covers and structures that can not be achieved with other materials

The dome’s superior structural design gives it many advantages. In addition, it is important to note that the exact geometry of the dome geometry system is the same as that of the dome geometry.

ATECO Tank domes have been designed for snow loads up to 165 pounds per square foot and wind loads up to 150 mph. Our unique panel design is specifically engineered to support loads up to 500 pounds on any one square foot. We have the ability to design domes up to 500 feet in diameter.

ATECO Tank History

ATECO Tank is a worldwide company in designing, manufacturing and constructing custom aluminum covers and structures for architectural, environmental and industrial applications.[/vc_column_text][/single_tab][single_tab title=”KEY BENEFITS” tab_id=”118646d3-257c-0″]

Key Benefits

 ATECO Geodesic Dome’s advanced design and manufacturing technology provides excellent benefits. Here’s how:

  • Most effective leak-protection solution – Engineered for maximum weather-tightness for both new tanks and retrofits. ATECO provides double sealing on clamp bars to get the most effective leak protection.
  • Low maintenance cost – Aluminum alloys are corrosion resistant and do not require painting like steel fixed roofs. There’s also no need for rebolting as the connections are made by lock bolts.
  • Emissions reduction – Reduces wind-induced vapor loss, aids in odor control and provides significant emission credits. For light products such as gasoline, a dome installed over an EFR can cut emissions by over 90 percent. By using ATECO, you can control and reused.
  • In- service  installation – Can be erected on the ground beside the tank or on an EFR and lifted into place easily. There is no need to work so installation risks are minimized.
  • Custom engineered- To accommodate a wide range of spans and loading conditions for your operation.
  • Compiling with the codes- ATECO geodesic dome roofs are being designed as per the latest edition of API 650.
  • Platforms available- We offer you centralized and gauging platforms with handrails for any kind of operation.
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  • Key Design Features: ATECO  Geodesic Dome’s advanced design technology provides excellent benefits for operation. Here’s how:
    • Batten bar QUARTET completely covers gasket to prevent environmental degradation
    • INTERLOCK panels provide additional protection against weather
    • Hub designed with gasket sealing to ensure maximum leak protection
    • Hub cover can be easily removed for inspection or adjustment of IFR suspension chains
    • Options for fixed or sliding shoe connections
    • Can easily handle the weight of suspended aluminum internal floating roofs
    • Industry-leading 3D FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS and DESIGN software for maximum accuracy and shorter design time
    • Easy to understand installation drawings
    • BUCKLING ANALYSIS for both new and existing tanks
    • Easy to install central platform for all the accessories on the top
    • Central safety hook connection for any purpose on the dome roof
    • More accuracy and tightness with Lock Bolt connection
    • Minimum silicone usage after installation
    • Zero hot work at site


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ATECO Geodesic Domes are being designed and manufactured as per the latest material requirements of the code. Here is the standard specification of the materials. Grades are adaptable as per the specific requirement of your operation

one I Beams (Dome Struts) AA 6061 T6 · Mill Finish

· Thickness differs according to structural design

2nd I Beams (Tension / Compression Ring) AA 6061 T6 · Mill Finish

· Thickness differs according to structural design

3 Node Plates AA 6061 T6 · Mill Finish

· 10 mm thick pre-bent circular plates

4 Batten Bar (Clamp Profile) AA 6063 T6 · Mill Finish

· Pre punched at shop

5 Triangular Closure Panel AA 3003 H16 · Mill Finish

· 1.2mm thick as per API 650 App. G

· Double bend on edges

Node plate connection for more accuracy of weather tightness

6 Skirt (Flashing) Plate AA 3003 H16 · Mill Finish

· 1.2mm thick as per API 650 App. G

· Double bend on edges

Node plate connection for more accuracy of weather tightness

7 Bird Screen AA 5754 · Mill Finish

· 2mm Thick


8 Manway AA 3003 H16 · Mill Finish

1.2 mm thick

· One step installation at site

· Onboard sealing

· Easy to open

· Permanent locking system


9 Dormers, Doors and Hatches AA6061-T6 / AA5058-H34 or AA5052-H36 · Mill finish

· 2.5mm nominal thickness

· On shop fabricated

10 Structural Fasteners 300 Series SS · Lock bolt connection
11th Joint Fasteners 300 Series SS
12 Isolation Pad SS 316 · 2mm nominal thickness

· On shop shaped

13 Friction Bearing Pads PTFE · 5mm thickness

· On site installation

14 Batten Bar Gaskets Extruded Silicone · Two different types of gaskets for one batten bar

· On shop installation

15 Hub Cover Gaskets Extruded Silicone · On shop installation
16 General Sealing Silicone · On site installation





ATECO confirms suitability of the dome design for the service conditions, and media to be stored. Water tightness should also be observed as a design objective, where it can be tested with a water spray test or during adverse weather conditions.


The use of any material in the dome structure is either aluminum or stainless steel is expressly forbidden. Cadmium plated bolts, galvanized bolts, or other dissimilar materials can bring serious concerns for galvanic corrosion, and such cannot be used.


The use of mastic bathtub gaskets, or rubber batten bar gaskets such as Neoprene, EPDM, Viton or other rubbers is not allowed to avoid accelerated aging of the dome structure.

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ATECO always ensures having the right product for the specific requirements. In order to achieve that accuracy, ATECO provides the design documents before proceeding with manufacturing that are listed below.

  • Analysis Procedure
  • Description of Structure
  • Design Load Calculation (Dead Load, Live Load, Snow Load etc.)
  • Material Specifications
  • Wind Load Calculations
  • Free Vent Calculation (API 2000)
  • Section Properties
  • Tension Ring Calculation
  • Shoe Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Tank Shell Buckling Analysis
  • Earthquake Calculation
  • Skylight Analysis
  • Dome Roof Panel Analysis

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