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We warrant our products for a period of 24 months from the date of installation or 36 months from the date of shipment, whichever is earlier to the extent that we will repair or replace, F.O.B. Ex-Factory Bay Shore, Kocaeli , TURKEY any products, if by reason of faulty material or workmanship they prove defective, under normal use and service. Except to the extent of the descriptions contained herein, or as specified on our order acknowledgment we make NO WARRANT OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE if in our opinion repair or replacement will not remedy a claimed product deficiency, or if a product of our manufacturer does not company with the description or specification set forth on our order acknowledgement our liability shall be limited to repayment of any amounts paid on the purchase price.

ATECO agrees to supply at ATECO’s expense, FREE Replacement Seal-Kit, incase of seal failure during the Guarantee Period. 
Products not of our manufacture and special plating, coatings, or heat treatment applied to our products are guaranteed only to the extent of guarantees provided by suppliers of such products plating, coatings or heat treatment.

Because the actual use and service of our equipments is beyond our control we can not warrant seals or packing material used in equipment handling special or corrosive fluids or subject to unusual temperatures or pressure. We do not recommend and will not assume any responsibility for rebuilding, repairing, special plating, coating, welding or heat-treating done outside our own plant.

We expressly disclaim any liability for damages contingent or otherwise, arising in connection with the use, operation or service of any product furnished.