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Ateco is offering wide range of products for storage tank market. We are focusing on; best engineering with innovative solutions, exact material selection considering with client’s and specification requests, quick and accurate manufacturing and finally better service for installation and oepration at site.

In regards to equipments that we are providing are (Ateco Tank Solution Products);

We have a wide range of products & equipment’s and Ateco is the only company in our scope of business, who can serve its customers with full range of storage terminal solutions. On the other hand please be informed that we area company with an ability of doing engineering, design, manufacturing process in-house at the least time and the best quality, also we improve our ability in design and calculation in the field of infrastructure with new programs, and we are one of the best in installing the products and systems used in the safe and effective for storage of chemicals and hydrocarbons. We do not outsourcing any of them and we are procuring all of our materials from domestic and European market.